SSPU Students Win Prizes in 16th National University Students Intelligent Car Race

Sept. 13, 2021 | Academic Affairs Office


Recently, the 16thNational University Students Intelligent Car Race came to an end. SSPU team guided by Prof. Yang Guanqun won several prizes. Student Tan Wei from 2018 Communication Engineering got the first prize, Huang Zhen from 2019 Automation and Liu Guangfu from 2020 Automation won the second prizes in the national competition. And Li Riming from 2019 Intelligent Science and Technology won the first prize in previous East China region tryout.



The competition this year has attracted 2,317 teams from 450 universities in which 592 entered the national final. The first prize winner Tan Wei said that participating in the competition let him understand that the university is not only a place to learn knowledge but also a training ground to improve innovative thinking and practical abilities.