SSPU Students Win Prizes in National College Students Digital Technology Contest

Dec. 30, 2021 | School of Computer and Information Engineering  


On Dec. 14, 2021 "H3C Cup" National College Students Digital Technology Contest came to a successful conclusion. In the National Final, the team of SSPU students Hao Yupeng, Ma Li and Chen Jianhua won the first prize in the group competition. Hao Yupeng majoring in Network Engineering also won the third prize in the individual competition. The contest is divided into two stages, which are preliminary competition and the national final. In the preliminary competition, Hao Yupeng won the first prize in undergraduate group in Shanghai, representing Shanghai to participate in the national final, and SSPU team claimed the first place in the group competition, becoming the only university that represents Shanghai in the national final. Teachers Yao Chifu and Liu Yan won Excellent Guiding Teacher awards.



The contest is held once a year. Based on the real projects and tasks of enterprises and the latest demand of the enterprise posts for students' vocational skills, the contestants are required to complete the theoretical written examination and practical examination of the designated tasks within the prescribed time. It mainly examines the theoretical and practical knowledge of the contestants in the field of network engineering. It covers the skills of building and deployment, routing protocol, Ethernet technology, planning and deployment of BGP MPLS VPN, IPV6 technology, H3C cloud computing technology, H3C SDN technology, big data platform technology, Internet of Things technology, network design and planning, and mastering the regulations of competition and document writing.