6 SSPU Students Participate in Erasmus+ Program at University of Ruse

Mar. 2, 2022 | International Office   


In February 2022, 6 SSPU students participated in a one-semester exchange program at University of Ruse in Bulgaria. Among them, 2 students major in Information Management and Information Systems in School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering, 2 major in Computer Science and Technology in School of Computer and Information Engineering, and another 2 major in English in College of Arts and Sciences. At present, the students have arrived at University of Ruse and begun their study.




The EU program in which the 6 students participated isErasmus + Programme Key Action 1 Learning mobility for higher education students and staff. The program is jointly applied by SSPU and University of Ruse and was approved for the first time in 2015. Since then, the two universities have applied for this program every year and got approved for several consecutive years with a total funding of 212,650 euros to cover participants’ travel and accommodation fees. It is a 4-to-5-month mobility program facing teachers and students in Information Management and Information Systems, Computer Science and Technology and English at both universities. As of now, 16 students in 3 batches and 6 teachers in 4 batches from SSPU haveparticipatedin the program and went to University of Ruse for exchange.