SSPU Students Win Prizes in 2nd “SFLEP·VocabGo Cup” National English Vocabulary Contest

June 24, 2022 | College of International Vocational Education, College of Arts and Sciences


Recently, the national final of the 2nd “SFLEP · VocabGo Cup”National English Vocabulary Contest was held. 2,257 students from 737 colleges and universities participated in the final competition. Students Ni Qinlin and Yang Chuanzhi from SSPU College of International Vocational Education (CIVE) won special prizes in highervocational section, and student Liu Sizheng won the first prize. Teachers Mao Ting and Zhou Xinye from CIVE were awarded the title Excellent Guiding Teacher.



The 2nd “SFLEP · VocabGo Cup” National English Vocabulary Contest was jointly hosted by Research Center for Foreign Language Planning & Policy, China Foreign Language Teaching Materials and Teaching Methods Research Center and Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press on March 14, 2022. Over 1.3 million students from 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China participated in the competition. The Contest aims to encourage college students to carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture. Ideological and political English vocabulary was included in the contest and this conveys the idea of a value oriented English vocabulary learning.