SSPU Students Win Prizes in Shanghai Tryout of China Graduate Electronics Design Contest

Aug. 13, 2022 | School of Computer and Information Engineering, Graduate Affairs Office


Recently, SSPU graduate teams participated in the preliminary of Shanghai tryout of the 17th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest and won 3 first prizes, 1 second prize and 4 third prizes. SSPU was awarded the title of Excellent Organizer and teachers Tan Wenan, Qin Qin and Song Shaojing got Excellent Guiding Teacher Award.


SSPU puts emphasis on the training of the graduates’ innovation ability and practical ability, encouraging students to take part in various kinds of discipline competitions so as to broaden their horizon and improve professional capabilities. Graduate Affairs Office, School of Computer and Information Engineering and School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering worked together to organize the teams and provide guidance to the students, greatly supported the students in innovative practice and preparation for the competition, and achieved good results.