Students of School of Foreign Languages and Cultural Communication Win Prizes in 1st CATTI Cup National Translation Competition

Sept. 5, 2022 | School of Foreign Languages and Cultural Communication


The First CATTI Cup National Translation Competition (provincial tryout) released the results lately in which students from School of Foreign Languages and Cultural Communication won prizes. In the Chinese-English translation section at university level (group A), Student Liu Jie under the guidance of teacher Zhao Yan won the special prize, and Students Wang Yuqi, Ma Yanan and Zhuge Xinyu respectively instructed by teachers Wang Xiaoping, Wu Huangzhi and Wang Lu won the third prize.


The CATTI Cup National Translation Competition, sponsored by China National Committee for Translation and Interpreting Education and the CICG Academy of Translation and Interpretation, is one of the major competitions in the field of translation and interpretation. The main purpose of the competition is to strengthen international communication capacity, enhance translation and interpretation talent reserve, encourage students to tell Chinese stories in foreign languages, and promote cultural exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries. The competition includes tests for three languages——English, Japanese and Korean. More than 81,000 contestants from nearly 1,900 institutions signed up for it, making it the largest and highest level translation and interpretation competition with the largest number ofcontestantsin China. It is not only a comprehensive examination of the translation ability of the candidates, but also an important way to measure the achievements of training interdisciplinary international communication talents in universities.