Paper Published by SSPU Postgraduates Elected as “Editor's Pick”

Oct. 1, 2022 | Research Administration Office, Graduate Affairs Office


Recently, SSPU postgraduates Guo Xiaoxue and Zou Jiapu jointly published an academic paper “Experimental Study on the Power Losses of a Single Photovoltaic Cell and Two Series and Parallel Connected Cells with Partial Shadows” on Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (AIP Publishing), a globally well-known journal in the field of renewable energy. Due to its high value in relevant research field, the paper was praised by peer researchers and editors and was elected as “Editor's Pick”. Editor's Picks serve to highlight articles with excellent scientific quality and are representative of the work taking place in a specific field.




Guo Xiaoxue and Zou Jiapu are both guided by the supervisor team including Prof. Xie Huaqing, Prof. Wu Zihua and Prof. Wang Yuanyuan. Considering that photovoltaic cells are sometimes blocked by obstacles which result in changes in incident light, the research team studied the effect of partial shadows on a single photovoltaic cell and two series or parallel connected cells.


This research was supported by the major project of National Natural Science Foundation of China "Solar Energy Transmission, Conversion Characteristics and Regulation and Control Methods" and the general project of National Natural Science Foundation of China "Research on Optimization of Heat Transfer Process of Solar Thermoelectric Power System Coupled with High Efficiency Photothermal Conversion Phase Change Heat Storage Unit".