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SSPU Held Video Conference with Nazi BONI University and Huawei

Dec 7, 2022  |  International Office


On the afternoon of December 2, SSPU held a video conference with Nazi BONI University (UNB), Burkina Faso, and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.(Huawei) on the joint establishment of SSPU-Nazi BONI Vocational Education School. The attendees included Prof. Hassan Bismarck Nacro, President of Nazi BONI University (UNB), Mesmin Dandjinou, UNB Vice President for Teaching and Educational Innovation, Jean-Louis Zerbo, UNB Vice President for Research, Prospective and International Cooperation, Samwé Medard Kienou, Vice President for Professionalization and University-Company Relations, heads and representatives from UNB University Institute of Technology, School of Computer Science, Rural Development Institute and Confucius Institute. Huawei representatives were present as well. They were Dang Zhangbo, University Talent Development Manager, Talent Development Division of Huawei, Zhu Wanru,Talent Development Manager, Huawei Shanghai Office, and Xiong Jin and Jiang Yuhao from Huawei African Office. SSPU President Xie Huaqing, and heads of International Office, College of International Vocational Education, Vocational & Technical Education School, and School of International Exchange attended the meeting.




President Xie Huaqing firstly expressed gratitude to UNB and Huawei for cooperating with SSPU to jointly build the SSPU-Nazi BONI Vocational Education School and strive to pass the Luban Workshop accreditation in the near future, which is significant for enhancing the educational cooperation between the two countries and promoting the development of all three sides. The first online gathering this time marks a good beginning of the trilateral cooperation. It is believed that with the joint effort of the three parties, the cooperation will be pushed forward steadily and gain fruitful achievements. Xie Huaqing also invitedPresident Hassan Bismarck Nacro, colleagues and friends from UNB and Huawei to visit SSPU to strengthen cooperation and exchanges and promote development together.


President Hassan Bismarck Nacro expressed the sincere willingness once again to work with the other two sides. He was confident in the trilateral cooperation and said that Nazi BONI University would actively participate in the preparatory work. The President and heads of relevant schools introduced the UNB and the city of Bobo Dioulasso where the university is located, as well as the regional advantages, disciplines and programs, teaching resources of UNB.


Jiang Yuhao, Public Relations Manager of Huawei African Office, gave a brief introduction to the company and its business and cooperation in Burkina Faso.


Qiao Liqing, Director of SSPU International Office, reported on the background and progress of the SSPU-Nazi BONI Vocational Education School, and Zhang Jun, Dean of College of International Vocational Education, gave a presentation on the program construction plan.


The three parties had a discussion on the building of the SSPU-Nazi BONI Vocational Education School and reached consensuses on the signing the MOU between SSPU and UNB, the signing of cooperative agreement between SSPU and Huawei, the construction plan of the SSPU-Nazi BONI Vocational Education School, and the work schedule.