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The 8th Catalysis and Sensing for Our Environment Symposium (CASE2017) Held in Our University

The 8th Catalysis and Sensing for Our Environment Symposium 2017 (CASE2017) was successfully held in our university from May 15-17. The well-known experts and scholars from American, England, Japan, Ireland, Israel, Turkey and numerous domestic colleges and universities and some teachers and students of our university in this field made a 2-day academic exchange in this meeting. Qian Xuhong, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering made an opening speech, and President Yu Tao attended the opening ceremony and made welcome speech. The Academician Qian Xuhong served as the Chairman of CASE2017, and vice President-Xu Yufang served as the Co-chairman of this meeting.



The topic of this meeting was“New theory, new technology, new method of catalysis and sensing and its application in environment”, which aimed to promote the interdisciplinary and provide opportunities for cooperation of researchers in different fields. The speeches in this meeting were very wonderful and divided into 5 categories: 3 meeting reports, 2 prizewinner reports (Award), 8 keynote reports, 15 invitation reports and 13 youth scholar communications. Lots of professors made excellent speeches in the meeting, for example, Professor A. P. de Silva from Queen's University Belfast, Professor Hiroshi Sugiyama from Japan's Kyoto University, Professor Eric V. Anslyn and Professor Jonathan L.Sessler from University of Texas at Austin, Professor Engin U.Akkaya from Turkey, Professor Thorri Gunnlaugsson and Professor Donal O’Shea from Ireland, Professor Doron Shabat from Israel, and Ren Youshu, the Vice-Directorof Key Laboratory of Shanghai Institute of Organic Life, Professor Zhu Weihong and Long Yitao from College of Chemical and Molecular Engineering of East China University of Science and Technology and Professor Jiang Yunbao, the President of Chemical College of Xiamen University.



This meeting also invited the Professor Guo Xiaojun, the Director of National Key Laboratory of Fine Chemical Industry of Dalian University of Technology. And young and middle-aged key researchers from related departments of our university also participated in this meeting. There into, Professor Zhu Zhigang, Professor Wang Jinmin and Associate Professor Zhu Luping made invited speech in this meeting, and Associate Professor Chen Cheng, Associate Professor Guo Yaoguang, Doctor Li Zhanhong and Doctor Zhang Li made flash, and other 12 teachers and students made the Poster. 3 Flash Awards and 5 Poster Awards were set specially in this meeting. The Associate Professor Chen Cheng from intelligent sensing material and device team which was led by Professor Zhu Zhigang from School of Environmental and Materials Engineering won the“Best Flash Award”and Pan Shuai (Graduate student) won the“Best Poster Award”.



The Catalysis and Sensing for Our Environment Symposium is organized by Qian Xuhong, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tony D. James, the Professor of University of Bath and John S.Fossey, the Professor of University of Birminghan UK together. The first meeting was successfully held in University of Bath, and the second to seventh meeting in East China University of Science and Technology, University of Birmingham, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin, Xiamen Univrsity and Trinity College The university of Dublin respectively. Such meeting has great effect on this field and attracted lots of famous specialists and scholars.